about leslie 

leslie medlin || design house is a brand obsessed with infusing confidence and inspiration into the life of the woman. owned by leslie marie medlin, the design house exists to bring out the beauty and quality of every thing & every brand it touches.

leslie is a texas native, having graduated from baylor university in 2010 with a degree in fashion design and immediately diving into the fashion industry one small business at a time. she began her business in waco living & breathing the city for 6 years and now resides in raleigh, north carolina with her husband ryan, and dog, violet. and they are expecting their first baby boy in december! leslie loves pioneering creative culture in every part of life. she is a color connoisseur at heart, but these days you'll find her in a lot of black and neutrals. 

leslie loves the continual connection between product and display -- design and merchandising. she believes that every space and every wardrobe is all about being inspired by both its current beauty and future potential. she makes it her life's work to see what doesn't yet exist and work to bring it to reality. whether it's discovering how to refresh your wardrobe, adding a bit of art to an event, working with like-hearted brands, or wanting direction for a photoshoot, we've got your back. even if a picture is your only starting place, mere ideas are our favorite starting place. 

women are meant to be inspirers of identity and confidence -- but we cannot inspire without first being inspired. that's what we do at leslie medlin || design house -- inspire. let's dream + make together. 

leslie takes on projects of many kinds, contact her to collaborate!