EM Jewelry Design: for the everyday minimal

most of you know that I am originally from texas. and my last ten years there were spent building a life & home in waco. it's where I started by business and where I found some of the most beautifully creative friends and fellow entrepreneurs. one of those is the timeless Ellen Mote, the owner and designer of EM Jewelry Design. she launched her brand just a year before I moved away, but I had the pleasure of getting to know her and getting to watch her early pieces take form. 


today she is launching her fifth collection - the SELA collection. and as with all her pieces I own, I am totally smitten. one of the most distinct threads of this collection is the truly simple details. she decided to pare down the design elements of these pieces, to go back to true classic design -- the kind of things you can both wear every day, but also add on to your ensemble with a minimalistic chicness.

I was in a very long anti-jewelry phase before I met Ellen (right after a long heavy-jewelry phase - go figure), and her pieces were the first I bought when I decided I was ready to reintegrate accessories again. nothing I've ever bought from her has felt superfluous, overdone, or distracting to my clothes. and the SELA pieces really speak to that desire -- to use jewelry as a highlighter, not noise. 

and the really exciting thing about the pieces I chose from this collection is that I have yet to actually buy these styles in any other form since I have adopted jewelry into my lifestyle again -- bracelets, rings, and studs. (I've pretty much been sticking to earrings & necklaces)

the Cuff Rings are so subtle & can be adjusted to fit my fingers.

the Tola Cuff is a beautiful brass, just enough accent but not so much that I feel like I'm going crazy by pairing it with the rings or any other bracelet. its a great partner piece.  

the Ner Studs are a style I wouldn't normally have gravitated toward, but the way they hang just off my ear lobe gives them an edge that is so effective. and they'll pair nicely with my higher neck sweaters. score.

this collection has also come at a perfect time for my season, as I am now 7 months pregnant, and these little things allow me to add to my look without requiring a lot of effort or constant adjustments.



ellen designs and constructs all of her pieces in her home studio in waco, texas. she handles brass, sterling silver, and gold with true skill & innovation. and I love the beautiful relationship she has helped me develop between clothes and jewelry again. and for all of you fellow minimal jewelry wearers out there, the new SELA collection is for you.

you can view the entire collection on her website today:  www.emjewelrydesign.com/sela-collection


outfit details -- jewelry: EM Jewelry Design - gifted | sweater: Lou & Grey | ankle boots: Rachel Comey mars boot