the spring edit

in the most unofficial fashion, wanted to make this inaugural post a list of ethical, slow, and small fashion brands I'm making my go-to for the season.

each of these brands are companies I believe in wholeheartedly, have bought pieces from, stand by their quality of design & manufacturing, and have owners who are amazing. will probably be dedicating many posts in the future to each of them as I just can't get enough. you've probably seen them tagged time & time again on my instagram, and you can check them out there as well. 


  • The Frock NYC || || @thefrocknyc
  • Elizabeth Suzann || || @elizsuzann
  • Only Child Clothing || || @only_child
  • Everlane || || @everlane
  • Mimu Maxi || || @mimumaxi
  • Rise & Ramble || || @riseandramble
  • Two Fold Clothing || || @twofoldclothing


  • Sara Clark || || @shopsaraclark
  • EM Jewelry Design || || @emjewelrydesign
  • Industrial Jewellery || || @industrialjewellery
  • LeCoeur Watches || || @lecoeur_watches

as a note: this list doesn't encompass everything I buy, just the ones I am most passionate about supporting. I still buy from large companies, but more sparingly now. more on that to come. as for today, just a taste.